Can I Send Experiment Data To Google Analytics?

DEPRECATED — Please refer to  Integrating FigPii with your GA4 Property

Yes, FigPii is designed to send experiment data to Google analytics. 

To do so, there are a few things you will need to set up. 

1. log in to your Google Analytics account. 

2. Locate the website to which you want to send the experiment data. 

3. Click on the admin 

4. Click on the custom definitions to expand the menu, then click on Custom Dimensions 

5. The custom dimension screen will open. Click on the New Custom Dimension. 

6. Choose a name for the new custom dimension 

7. Select Session for the scope 

8. Check the active radio button 

9. Click Create 

10. Google analytics might display Created Custom Dimension click on Done 

11. Google will display the custom dimension screen again. It will list the new custom dimension which you just created. 

12. Notice the index value which Google assigned to your custom dimension 

13. Navigate to the experiment configuration page in FigPii ( how do I do that?

14. Click on the advanced settings 

15. Click on Google Analytics integration 

16. Input the index value which Google provided into the box. 

17. FigPii will start sending data to Google when you do that.

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