What Is A Primary Conversion Goal?

This is the main conversion goal that Figpii will track and measure against to determine an experiment winner. It is the first goal that will be displayed on the experiment reporting page. On the goal creation page, the first goal you input always defaults as the primary goal, however, if you add another goal ( see how do I add another goal), you may click the tick box to indicate that goal as primary. 

For example, you want to run an experiment on the product pages for an ecommerce website. You will be testing two new designs against the control. Using FigPii, you can track different conversion goals. You can test which design generated more clicks on "the add to cart" button. You can also test which design generated more sales. Both of these are valid conversion goals that you can track using FigPii. We would recommend that you set the order placement as your primary conversion goal and click on the "add to cart" button as non-primary.  

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