What Is Exit Rate And How Is It Calculated?

The exit rate is the percentage of visitors who exit the website from a page that you are running an experiment. This is different from the bounce rate which only evaluates the visitors coming from an external traffic source.For example, you are running an experiment on a page on your website.

  • The page gets 500 visitors from Google. These visitors come directly from Google.
  • The page also gets 500 visitors from email. These visitors click on a link and come directly from the email.
  • The page also gets 500 visitors who came from the homepage.
  • The total number of visitors to the page is 1,500.
  • 450 visitors who came to the page, leave the website without navigating to another page.
  • The page exit rate = 450/1500 = 30%

FigPii does not use the exit rate to determine a winner for an experiment. However, we display this data for additional reporting on the performance of a variation.

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