How can I create an A/B experiment?

  1. Login to your FigPii account at
  2. You can access your AB testing dashboard from your account’s homepage or the left menu.


  3. From your AB testing dashboard, click on Create New Experiment.

  4. Start by choosing your experiment a name.
  5. From Page Targeting, decide which pages are going to be targeted by your experiment. (What is URL Targeting?)
  6. Under Type of Experiment, you can choose if your experiment is going to be an AB test or a Split URL test.
  7. Now decided if your experiment is going to be targeting DesktopMobile, or All devices.
  8. By clicking on Next you will be redirected to FigPii’s editor, from here you can make the changes you wish to your variations and create as many variations as you wish! If you wish to implement the changes using JavaScript, hover over the desired variation, Choose Add CSS / JS and click on OK when you are done.
  9. After implementing and creating your desired variations click on PROCEED TO NEXT STEP.
  10. Here you can choose your Experiment Variation Weight (%) and your Experiment Goals.
  11. Congratulations! Launch your experiment by clicking on Save and Launch Experiment.
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