What is FigPii Recommendations?

Any website looking to improve its conversion rate will benefit from using FigPii recommendations, regardless of the type of the website, whether you have an ecommerce website, lead generation, or SaaS. If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate or user experience, then FigPii Recommendations is for you.

It doesn’t matter big or small; any site with over 1,000 visitors per month can benefit from Recommendations.

FigPii Recommendations is designed for companies and websites without a dedicated CRO department.

With Recommendations, you will improve your website on a monthly basis. FigPii gives you 2 to 3 recommendations per month at the entry level, depending on your visitor count.

From the moment FigPii’s tracking code is inserted on your website, we analyze visitor actions, what they’re clicking on, their interactions with different website sections to generate the initial set of recommendations. 

FigPii detects desirable behaviors and user actions (which change based on the site and business) and compares them with failed sessions (users that didn’t convert). This is used to understand which elements converting users are interested in and how they’re helping conversions. 

In addition to the data analysis, our conversion rate specialists will look through the initial set and prioritize the most valuable recommendations for you at that moment.

So there’s a combination of machine learning and a specialist to ensure we’re providing you the best recommendations possible.

For best results, we recommend running heatmaps and session recordings regularly. We highly recommend you run A/B tests to validate the recommendations every month, which also feeds our engine new and valuable information.

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