How to launch a video recording?

To launch a recording batch follow the below steps:

Step 1. Log in to your FigPii account and navigate to Recordings.

Step 2. Click on Start New Recording.

Step 3. Select the number of sessions to be recorded. You can choose up to 5,000 sessions based on your package. Take a look at our article here to understand your limits.

Step 4. Choose the options for your recording. 

You can select ‘CAPTURE KEYSTROKE DATA’ to record user inputs on whitelisted form boxes, Filter sessions with Activity (Skip non-active users), and filter sessions longer than 30+ seconds.

Step 5. Choose the type of Device and Visitor you wish to record sessions from. 

Step 6. Page Targeting: Choose which pages of your website you wish to record sessions from. 

  1. Entire Website: Recorder will be recording sessions from your entire site.
  2. A Specific Page: Recorder will only record sessions from one specific page.
  3. Multiple Pages: Recorder will record from pages being targeted.

    Please read this guide to understand how to use URL patterns to specify different pages you want to run the recording on: What Are The Different URL Patterns In Figpii?

Step 7. Advanced Settings: Here you have the option to use advanced targeting rules for your recorder.

  1. IP Targeting: How to exclude your home/office IP from recording videos?
  2. Referral Options: Only record sessions from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or All of them. 
  3. Campaign Options: Some URLs may contain stuff after ? for example, 
    Values before = are called query keys ( search and usr here) and values after = are called query values (they are optional, sometimes just the key is present). Key/value pairs are separated with & So in this URL you have two key/value pairs: search -> shape+solver and usr -> 1
  4. Google Campaign Options: Target specific UTM campaigns

Step 8. Click on Save to launch your Recording Batch.

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