How to exclude your home/office IP from recording videos?

To exclude your IP address you have to options, either to exclude your IP to from all the tools or to exclude only from Video Recording:

  • Recordings - no sessions will be recorded from these IP addresses.
  • Heatmaps - visitors on the list will not have their activity recorded for your Heatmaps.
  • Polls - visitors will not be counted in Poll report statistics.
  • AB testing - Conversion data will not be collected from these IP addresses.

To exclude your IP address from all tools follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your FigPii account and head over to Account Management.

Step 2. Click on settings.

Step 3. Enter your IP address under the IP Filter. Remember to press Enter after each input.

Step 4. Click on Update Domain Settings.

Exclude Only from Video Recording:

Step 1. Start by launching a New Recording.

Step 2. Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 3. Turn on the IP Targeting option.

Step 4. Click on the dropdown and change the option from Include to Exclude. Then enter your IP Address in the form box.

You can add as many as you like by clicking on Add New IP. Make sure to change to Exclude from the dropdown manu.

To find out your IP Address you can simply search for "What's my IP" on your favorite search engine.

Step 5. Click on Save to launch your new recording.

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