What Is A Conversion For The Testing Engine?

here are several places where FigPii displays the number of conversions for an experiment. These include the AB testing dashboard and the individual experiment report page.

hen creating an AB or split experiment, FigPii will ask you to determine how conversions are recorded for the experiment. FigPii tracks different types of conversions. These include a visit to a page, or downloading a file or clicking on a link. When a website visitor visits a page that you are running an experiment on, then he performs the conversion action, FigPii will record a conversion for that visitor. Example: You are running an experiment on an ecommerce product page. The experiment includes one variation running against the control. You want to set up the conversion goal for the experiment to be placing an order with the website. Every visitor who places an order is directed to thank you page with the URL: mysite.com/thankyou.html You create a conversion goal for the page with the type: Visits a URL and the value of mysite.com/thankyou.html

  • A visitor visits the product page which you are running the experiment on.
  • The visitor is shown the variation in the experiment that is running against the control.
  • The same visitor places an order with your website, thus your website directs him to thank you page (mysite.com/thankyou.html)
  • FigPii will increase the number of conversions for the variation by one (it also increases the number of unique visitors for the variation by one).

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