What Does Minimum Number Of Conversions Before Declaring A Winner Mean

This is the minimum number of conversions both the control and an experiment variation must record before FigPii declares a winner. By default, FigPii will not declare a winner for an experiment, unless the control and a variation each record 100 conversions ( in addition, the chance to beat original requirements). You can change the default number of conversions for an experiment. Example: You are running an experiment on a blog homepage to determine which design generates more subscriptions. The conversion goal is the subscription confirmation page. The experiment contains the original homepage design and two variations. After you run the experiment for one week, you see the following data:
Visitors Conversions
Control 10,000 75
Variation 1 9,500 95
Variation 2 9,900 110

Although Variation recorded 110 conversions, FigPii does not report it as a winner because the control has 75 conversions.

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