What Does Swap Objects Do In The Editor?

The Swap function allows you to swap the location of any two elements that appear on a webpage. 

To swap two objects on a web page, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the editor for an experiment
  2. Notice how different sections of the page are highlighted as you move your mouse around the page

  3. Click on the first element you want to swap on the page
  4. Choose "Swap objects" option from the editor list.
  5. FigPii will prompt you to select the 2nd object which you want to swap.

  6. Click on the 2nd object you want to swap.
  7. Click OK

The two objects are swapped on the page. Please note that you have to be careful when using the swap objects function. Your page design might break if you select two objects that have two completely different sizes. You can always undo a change you made in the editor.

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