What Is the Control/Original?

The control is the webpage with the original (current) design you are conducting the experiment on. 

FigPii uses the control to measure the performance of the new designs against it and report whether these new designs increase or decrease your conversion rate. Let's say that your current homepage does not have any testimonials displayed on it. You heard that adding testimonials can increase your site conversion rate but you are not sure if that will be the case or not. 

So, you decided to set up an AB experiment to see the impact of adding testimonials on your conversions. Your current homepage which does not have the testimonials will be the control in the experiment. You can use FigPii to create a new version of the homepage. 

This new version of the homepage which has the testimonials on it is called a variation (or treatment). When you launch the experiment, FigPii will start dividing your website visitors between the control (your original homepage design) and the variation (the new design with the testimonial). 

FigPii will provide you with a detailed report showing how many users visited the control and the variation and how many of these visitors converted.  FigPii will use the number of visitors and the conversions to determine if your test has a winner in it or not.  

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