Advanced Recording Options

While launching a session recording batch on FigPii you're faced with multiple options to choose which can be confusing for some users, so here is a detailed explanation what's the meaning behind each option:

Number of Recordings:

Instead of collecting data from your site constantly, FigPii takes an on-demand report approach. This allows you to record videos of people visiting your site when you need to do so. 

Recommendation: Recording videos for your site player requires sending every interaction, scroll, and click that the visitor does on your site to FigPii. We recommend that you only run the video recorder when you need it. 

There is no limit on the number of video snapshots you take with FigPii. The number of videos in each snapshot is based on your subscription: 

  1. Free Pie: 300 sessions.
  2. Small Pie: 1,000 sessions.
  3. Medium Pie: 2,000 sessions.
  4. Large Pie: 5,000 sessions.

Each snapshot is a batch of sessions that will be recorded automatically and will be stoped when it reaches its limit.

You can relaunch recordings again as soon as you reach the limits mentioned above.

All recordings older than 2 months will be removed automatically unless marked as favorite.

Optional Recording Options:

1. Capture Keystroke Data: Record visitor activity in form boxes. Exact input data will be masked to protect user data privacy.

2. Only Sessions with Activity: If you turn on this option, we will only start to record a visitor's session if the have any mouse or window activity.

3. Only 30+ Seconds Sessions: With this option turned on, we won't show sessions shorter than 30 seconds on your recording dashboard. 

Page Targeting: 

With our latest update, you have the option to launch your recording with multiple targeting options:

1. Entire Website: Sessions will be recorded from any page that has our tracking code inserted.

2. A Specific Page: Sessions will be recorded from a specific page. 

3. Multiple Pages: This option allows advanced users to specify targeting rules to record sessions from Multiple pages. 
What Are The Different URL Patterns In Figpii?

Advanced Settings:

1. IP Targeting: Include or Exclude IP addresses from your recording.

2. Referral Options: Only record sessions that have came to your website from LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

3. Campaign Options: Some URLs may contain stuff after ? for example, before = are called query keys ( search and usr here) and values after = are called query values (they are optional, sometimes just the key is present). Key/value pairs are separated with & So in this URL you have two key/value pairs: search -> shape+solver and usr -> 1

4. Google Campaign Options: Target specific UTM campaigns. 

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