What is a Poll?

An online poll is a quick way to collect customer feedback or opinion about your site, product, or service. It is a great tool for all types of sites. 
Most likely you have noticed little poll popups now and then on different websites: “Did you find this article useful?” or “Do you want to read more on this topic?” or “Do you like our new website design?”

FigPii's Polls allows you to ask your site visitors an unlimited number of questions, from an unlimited number of respondents. 

So, a poll is a way to get an immediate opinion on some specific topic. You can also ask your visitors questions on specific pages and based on a behavior, such as after a short delay or when they are about to leave the page. This function will help you in understanding your visitors.
In most cases, a poll is only one multiple answer question that doesn’t require respondents to fill in any sensitive or personal information. This makes polls relatively anonymous. Why relatively? Because most FigPii collects data on the country, browser type, and operating system of the user. 

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