Cookie Consent Management


As part of our GDPR / CCPA compliance, FigPii offers an option to delay the initiation of your heatmaps, session recordings, and data collection for A/B tests until the user consents to store cookies.

Regardless of user consent, FigPii does not collect any personally identifiable data.

We do not collect full IP addresses, all form input information is discarded and replaced with * before being sent to our servers.
FigPii does not collect any of the following data:
  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Invoicing details (name of entity, tax identification number)
  • Credit card information

Step 1. Inform user consent status to FigPii 

First, you'll need to inform FigPii about the user's consent status. To do so, depending on the user's response you need to run the following JavaScript snippet on your website:

If the user has given their consent, run the following snippet:


Optional - If the user declined consent, run the following snippet:


Using GTM to inform user consent status to FigPii

You can use Google Tag Manager to manage your scripts and their consent status, you can simple add a Custom HTML tag with the values mentioned above upon the user's consent. 

Source: Google Support.

Using OneTrust to inform user consent status to FigPii

If you use OneTrust to manage cookie consent, you can use the API offered by OneTrust called  OneTrust.OnConsentChanged() to run the snippets above upon user consent. 

Source: CookiePro

Step 2. Require consent for tracking data

After setting up the snippets, you can head over to your account settings ( and locate your domain, then under Advanced Settings, turn on Do not track until consent is given.


You can find the details on our commitment to user privacy here or you can contact our support team at

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