How many videos can I record?

Instead of collecting data from your site constantly, FigPii takes an on-demand report approach. This allows you to record videos of people visiting your site when you need to do so. 

Recommendation: Recording videos for your site player requires sending every interaction, scroll, and click that the visitor does on your site to FigPii. We recommend that you only run the video recorder when you need it. 

There is no limit on the number of video snapshots you take with FigPii. The number of videos in each snapshot is based on your subscription: 

Each snapshot is a batch of sessions that will be recorded automatically and will be stoped when it reaches its limit.

You can relaunch recordings again as soon as you reach the limits mentioned above.

All recordings older than a month will be removed automatically unless marked as favorite.

To check your current status navigate to your Recordings dashboard.

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