This guide shows you how to install FigPii on Joomla.

Seeing something different in your Joomla administration panel?

This guide was updated last for Joomla 3.9.10 Stable. If you notice anything different from this guide, contact us and the Support team will help.

Step 1. Login to your FigPii Dashboard and copy your tracking code. Please mind that each tracking code is unique to your domain and you will need to replicate this step for new domains or domain changes.

Step 2. Log into the Joomla Administration panel.

Step 3. Open  Extensions > Templates Templates

Step 4. Click on your current template and locate the .php file that contains the <head> element on all your pages.

Step 6. Insert your Tracking Code above the </head> closing tag. (Refer to the first step for how to copy your Tracking Code)

Step 7. Click the Save & Close button. (It’s on top of the page)

Final Step: Verify your installation in your FigPii dashboard.

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