This guide shows you how to install FigPii on your Woocommerce website.

Step 1. Login to your FigPii Dashboard and copy your tracking code. Please mind that each tracking code is unique to your domain and you will need to replicate this step for new domains or domain changes.

Step 2. Login to your WordPress admin panel, and locate Appearances under Theme Editor.

This updates the local copy only!

Editing the theme this way changes the code on your website's local copy of the theme. If the theme is updated or re-downloaded at a later date, you might lose any changes.

Step 3. Open Header (Header.php)

The header.php file will load. It may not look exactly like the file below, but the basic structure should be similar.

Step 4. Add the FigPii tracking code between <head> and </head>.

The header.php file you see might not contain any <head> HTML tags. If it doesn't, you'll need to find the correct file in your theme that does contain this tag and continue from there.

Your theme's designer or a WordPress specialist would be the best place to start in this case.

Step 5. Your FigPii tracking code is now installed, head over to your Dashboard to verify the installation. 

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