Google Tag Manager

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click to Add a New Tag. Then click on Tag Configuration and then in the new window click on Discover more tag types in the Community Template Gallery.

  3. Search for FigPii then click on Add to workspace.

  4. Login to FigPii and click on Tracking inactive then make sure to click on Google Tag Manager under Install on Popular Platforms to view your Access Key.

  5. Go back to the tag you are creating and paste the script into the Access Key field.
  6. Click on Triggering and then click on All Pages>Add
  7. After choosing a name for your tag click the Save button. And then press the Submit button to publish the changes.

    That's it! FigPii script has been added to your site.

  8. Last Step: Now verify the installation by clicking on Verify Installation under Tracking inactive at the top bar.

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